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Cookies Policy

Directive 2002/58 E-privacy EU Regulation 2016/679
General Data Protection Regulation

The www.bottegadelsarto.com website uses “cookies “. These cookies are text files that are sent from a web server (i.e., the computer where the visited website is “hosted”) to the User’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and stored in the device, used for the User’s browsing. The cookie allows the Site to identify the User’s device, through the information that is stored each time the Site is accessed through that device. Thanks to the use of cookies, it is possible to make it easier for Users to navigate as well as (and only after consent has been granted), analyze their preferences through navigation verification and consequently offer a promotion of products and services more consistent with respect to the User’s interests and expectations.

The data controllers of personal data collected through cookies on the Site, each within the limits of the processing concretely carried out, are as follows:

Bottega del Sarto Industry Srl,
with registered office in Via Ascanio Rivaldi 16,00151 Rome
VAT. N 13303011004
PEC: bottegadelsartoindustrysrl@bottegadelsarto.com

Cookies do not collect directly identifying information about the User.
The Companies cannot through cookies trace any directly identifying personal information (e.g., first name, last name) unless provided directly by the User.



Depending on the duration, cookies can be:

  • session,” when they are stored only for the duration of the Site browsing session and are deleted when the browser is closed,
  • or “permanent” (they are stored for a longer time, until they expire or until they are deleted by the User).

To the person who installs them on the User’s terminal:

  • cookies may be installed by the site operator
  • Or by a third party.

To their purpose:

  • Profiling cookies

    These are the cookies used for the purpose of creating profiles related to the User for example in order to send advertising messages based on preferences; except as provided in paragraph 3 below, these cookies are issued by the Site on the User’s computer during navigation and are stored for the duration of the navigation itself, until they expire or until the User does not make them (“permanent cookies”).

    These cookies also allow us to offer you our commercial proposition on other affiliated websites (so-called retargeting). This category also includes social network cookies, which allow the User’s social accounts to interact with the Site (e.g., by sharing content with other people or disclosing your opinion about content).

  • Technical cookies

    These are the cookies used in order to ensure navigation and thus the telematic transmission of data on the network or strictly necessary for the provision of services provided by the Site. These cookies are usually temporary (session cookies), and are issued by the Site on the User’s computer during navigation. They are stored exclusively for the time of duration of the browsing session consequently, when the User closes his/her browser the cookies are automatically deleted and disappear, without remaining stored on the computer. They are formed by random numbers generated by the server and allow the safe and efficient exploration of the Site.

    Thanks to the use of such cookies, as soon as the user’s data is provided for logging in or filling in forms (user input cookies or authentication cookies), it is possible to recognize the User and facilitate his/her navigation within the Site. The personalization of the Site interface based on the preferences indicated by the User, the collection in aggregate form of information regarding the number of visitors to the Site and on the most visited pages (so-called analytics cookies used with partial IP obscuration mechanisms), etc. are made possible.
    These cookies do not require the User to express consent as they are strictly necessary to provide the service requested by the User of the Site.

  • Analytics cookies

    These are cookies used for statistical analysis related to the use of the Site and to monitor its proper functioning. From the moment they are used by adopting partial IP obscuration mechanisms, they are assimilated to technical cookies; otherwise, the use of such cookies requires the express and informed consent of the User.

    The system used is Google Analytics, the latter being a web analytics service provided by Google LLC. Google Analytics, like other systems, uses cookies to enable the website to analyze how Users use the Site.

    The use of such cookies requires the express and informed consent of the User.

  • Tracking Pixels

    The Site also uses tracking pixels (also called “1×1 pixels” or “pixel tags”), graphical elements the size of 1×1 pixels, which are installed when a User visits the Site or opens one of the emails sent by Bottega del Sarto Industry Srl.
    Each time the User visits the Site, the tracking pixel transmits only limited information, including the User’s IP address, to the relevant server.

    This tool is used only for statistical purposes, so the Companies do not have access to any information about individual Users. The information collected by the tracking pixel is for the sole purpose of related statistical analysis:

    • To the number of Users who use the Site,
    • To the number and type of pages visited,
    • To the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Disabling cookies does not result in automatic blocking of information transmitted via tracking pixels, however, the User can prevent such information from being sent via their browser settings, by changing their firewall settings, or by resorting to specific browser expansions.

We point out that consent will only be required when you first access the Site: thereafter, thanks to the use of a technical cookie we will store your consent to allow you to directly access the pages of the Site (the User’s right to deactivate/activate cookies at any time or to delete them remains unaffected, see point 6.2: in this case, when you return, the Site will ask for your consent again).

In addition, if you provide specific consent to the analysis of your preferences during registration, data related to your navigation within the Site may be associated with your personal data.


We provide the following information about the cookies used on the Site:

  • The domain name from which the Site server transmits cookies is www.bottegadelsarto.com.

  • The following information is stored in the collected data:
    • The addresses in URI (Uniform Resource identifier) notation of the requested resources,
    • The time of the request,
    • The method used in submitting the request to the server,
    • The size of the file obtained in response,
    • The numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.)
    • And other parameters related to the User’s operating system and computing environment

  • Purpose of collection:
    • Allow easier and faster navigation within the Site or perform statistical and anonymous analysis/verification of its usage (technical cookies);
    • o improve the browsing experience by analyzing Users’ preferences (e.g., pages visited, products selected, etc.) and suggesting the best products and promotions based on their browsing (profiling cookies).

Under a technical profile in the cookies (transmitted by the domain www.bottegadelsarto.com) the following information is contained:

  • a numeric ID that uniquely identifies Bottega del Sarto and a numeric ID that identifies the User (who browses within the Site), both of which are stored within our database;
  • a numeric ID that uniquely identifies the navigation (so-called “record”) of the User within our database;
  • a pseudo-random alphanumeric session ID automatically deleted by the browser when it closes (session cookie).


The Site uses session cookies (i.e., cookies that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed), as well as persistent cookies (i.e., cookies that are retained until they are deleted by the User), the duration of which does not exceed six months in any case.


Acceptance of cookies is not mandatory; however, we point out that deactivation of technical cookies, although it allows navigation within the Site, may not make possible the release of some content and functionality of the Site.


Information collected through cookies is confidential and is not disclosed to third parties.


The Site uses so-called third party cookies(e.g. Google Analytics, Social Network cookies, geolocation cookies), i.e. cookies that are issued and managed by parties other than the Company which has no control over the third party cookies and does not have access to the data collected through these cookies: the information and consent obligations are therefore incumbent on the third parties, who are the autonomous controllers of the data collected through the cookies they have installed. The User must therefore refer to the personal data processing policies, disclosures and consent forms provided by these third parties.

In order to enable you to make a free and informed choice, we give below indication regarding:

  • To the type and identification of cookies,
  • To the characteristics and finality of cookies,
  • Link to the detailed information regarding such cookies.
Subject releasing cookiesPurpose of cookiesLinks to disclosure and consent forms
Google LLCAdvertising profile cookies: these are used to deliver advertising based on interests expressed through Internet browsing (OBA).https://policies.google.com/?hl=en
CriteoAdvertising profile cookies: these are used to deliver advertising based on interests expressed through Internet browsing (OBA).https://www.criteo.com/it/privacy/
Facebook Inc.Facebook Like button and social widgets.
The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services for interaction with the social network Facebook.
InstagramInstagram’s Like button and social widgets.
The Instagram Like button and social widgets are services for interaction with the Instagram social network.


By accessing your web browser settings, you can at any time disable/enable or delete cookies In particular, if you do not wish to receive cookies. You can set your browser to alert you to the presence of a cookie so that you can decide whether or not to accept it; cookies can also be rejected by activating the appropriate option in your browser. And you can also delete specific cookies that have already been stored within your browser, or block specific websites from storing cookies on your computer, or block third-party cookies.

Each browser has its own type of cookie management, in the administration or preference panel you can change/manage the parameters and proceed to deletion. To disable the use of all or only some cookies, it is necessary to modificate the settings of the browsing browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).

To do so, you can consult the information in the browser’s User’s Guide (so-called Help Page) or click on the following links:

In the event that the browser in use is not listed, it is advisable to verifiy what options for managing and modifying cookie settings are offered by that browser.

To block cookies used by social networks (e.g., via the “Share” button), the User can follow the instructions contained in the following links:

You can disable Google Analytics by clicking here. Please note that the add-on still saves a cookie on the User’s device, however this cookie is used for the sole purpose of preventing the transmission of data to Google Analytics. For more information on disabling Google Analytics and installing the browser add-on, click here: Browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics.

You can also manage your cookie preferences at https://www.youronlinechoices.com. Once on the site, by accessing the “Your Choices” area you can: view the list of third-party companies, our partners, that install cookies on our site (Companies); verifiy the presence and activity status of the installed cookie (Status); and selectively manage consent (On/Off). By expanding the dedicated item (Info) for each company you will be able to access more information about the company and reach via link the specific privacy and cookie policy. Regarding specifically Criteo, our provider for the retargeting service, you can express your consent by following this direct link.

For more information about how your data is processed through the Site, please visit the Privacy section of the Site.