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Welcome It's Sales Time
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Pocket pouch, what do you think?

The pocket clutch: behind the beautiful flat fold that gracefully outlines the suit jacket, is there a subliminal message? a discreet rebellion? a subtle provocation?

Yes: today it is possible to be a man of extreme elegance without sacrificing a strong personality!

From handkerchief to clutch bag

In the past, men had a cloth handkerchief in their upper left jacket pocket and another cloth handkerchief in their pants. Soon after, in the 1940s, pocket handkerchiefs were considered unsuitable and unhygienic. As a result, many men replaced cloth handkerchiefs with paper ones.

But by now, this little square of cloth has become a fashion accessory in the form of a clutch bag, which is why today the breast pocket of a dress is never used for anything other than style!

In fact, just as a gentleman would never think of using his tie to blow his nose or his jacket sleeve to clean a stain, he does not use his clutch bag for such somewhat ungrateful tasks. But … a word of advice: carry a white cotton handkerchief in your back pants pocket anyway. An added advantage? Chivalry. It is a lost art to see a man handing a clean white handkerchief to a lady suddenly overcome with emotion, but I assure you it always has its effect.

Of the art of colors and printsO

Many men try to match the color of their clutch bag to the color of their tie. This is a risk-free approach and therefore not very daring. A more sophisticated and avant-garde pattern on the breast pocket of the suit than on the tie or shirt will add elegance and sophistication to the suit. In fact, the breast pocket is a touch that will give character, prominence and contrast to a suit, and this can only happen if it is perfectly matched to the tie. Suit pockets sold in packages with ties should therefore be ignored: they are offered more for convenience than for style.

And now, some suggestions for choosing your clutch bags.

1. The white clutch bag, indispendable

If you wear a white shirt, the white clutch bag is the easiest and safest choice. It should be the first clutch bag you buy, because you already have so many possibilities with it because of the different folding options.


The art of the perfect clutch bag lies in the way its colors match those of the rest of the outfit.

The easiest way to choose a clutch bag is to match its main color with a secondary color of the outfit. For example, with a Prince of Wales blue plaid, a predominantly blue clutch bag will be perfect.

Similarly, a secondary color of the clutch bag matches a main color of the outfit. The most obvious example is the clutch bag’s piping, which picks up the color of a solid-color tie.

3. Complementary fabrics

Never choose a clutch bag in the same fabric as the tie. This pairing is reminiscent of unimaginative low-end offerings and denotes a lack of imagination on the part of the wearer.

Similarly, if the shirt is patterned, do not choose a clutch bag of the same fabric!

The clutch bag: to wear or not to wear?

Initially popular in Western Europe and the United States, the pocket clutch is now a fashion accessory worldwide.

Whether it is an event that requires a jacket and bow tie or a business meeting that requires a suit and tie, this accessory always adds elegance to the outfit.

But is it really appropriate to always wear a pocket clutch? Although it is a symbol of security on certain occasions, it should never be taken for granted.
Tip: Don’t wear a clutch bag to a job interview (or your first day in a new job). Impress the audience with your elegance when you’ve gotten more confident….